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Web and Phone Payments

Instructions for Web and Phone Payments

Remitting Web Payments

Instructions for EFT Payment on the Web

A computer with a screen resolution of 1024x768 and the latest browser version of either Internet Explorer or Firefox is recommended. This system uses the most advanced security available to ensure the privacy of payment information. All transactions are conducted over a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connection secured with 128-bit encryption. SSL is a communications protocol for transmitting private information over the internet. The system does not place cookies on your computer. Each time the site is used the employer number and PIN must be entered.

After five minutes of inactivity online, a time out feature will automatically end the session.

If needed, employers may submit payment for multiple districts by selecting the "Log Off" link when finished paying for a district. You will be connected to the original Log On screen to begin with a different employer number.

If you have problems using the system, call Customer Service at (800) 230-1107. Enter your seven-digit employer number and your four-digit PIN code. Select option 5 to be connected to an operator.

Steps to Make a Payment

  1. From the home page,, select "Employer Login" on the top right.
  2. After logging into Employer Access, select "Online Payments" in the left navigation bar.
  3. Enter your employer number and PIN (personal identification number) on the Log On screen, then click on "Log On."
  4. On the Select Payment Type screen, choose the desired payment type. These options correspond to the options available on the EFT telephone script.
  5. On the Make a Payment screen, enter the appropriate values (including the decimal point and 2-digit cents) in the displayed fields and click on "Continue."
  6. On the Confirm Payment Information screen, review the information for accuracy. If it is correct, click the "Submit Payment" button. If it is incorrect, click the "Edit Payment" button to make changes.
  7. Your reference number will be shown on the Payment Acknowledgement screen. Print this page as a receipt for your payment. If you wish to make another payment, select "New Payment." Otherwise, click Log off.

Required Information

  • For all remittances:
    • 7-digit employer ID number PIN code
    • Amounts(s), as dollars and cents
    • Bank account debit date (6-digit MMDDYY)
  • And for pay period contributions you will also need:
    • Employer Pay Period Schedule Report
    • Fiscal year 
      (4-digit CCYY)
    • Pay period 
      (values 01-60 inclusive)
  • Or for billed items you will also need:
    • Bill invoice number and bill section number

Remitting Phone Payments

For instructions, please refer to the Instructions for Employer Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) form.