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TRS Board of Trustees Expanded in 2020

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Issue: A law enacted late in 2019 significantly changed the structure of the TRS Board of Trustees. The new statute expanded the size of the Board from 13 members to 15 members. The increase in trustees required an unscheduled election in May 2020 to choose a new “active" TRS member. The other new seat created by the law is filled by a gubernatorial appointment.

Under the System’s normal election cycle, set by law, the next scheduled trustee election is in 2021.

Strong TRS Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

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Issue: The COVID-19 virus spread rapidly throughout 2020. Responding to this challenge required an aggressive response from Teachers’ Retirement System.

Discussion: Just as TRS members rose to the enormous challenges placed before them by the COVID-19 pandemic, TRS as an agency met the goals set for it by members, taxpayers and elected officials: