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You may reach the department by calling 888-678-3675 or by email at

Employer Services Auditor Phone Extension Email Address
Rob Pappas
Employer Services Manager
Lisa Locki
Employer Services Project Manager
Debra Booker 2184
Jason Doering 2018
Jane Dorsey 2055
Kim Hahn 2092
Sydney Harrison 2228
Rachel Healey 2064
Cathy Huffman 2239
Paxton Langheim 2221
Danielle Lashmett 2229
Kallie Matthews 2187
Eric VanDerWal 2178
Jenny Wisdom 2189


Annual Audit Schedule  
January - May Conduct audits at TRS-covered employers
May - July Supplementary Reports and Sick Leave Certifications audits
July - October Annual Report of Earnings reviews