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Teachers' Retirement Insurance Program (TRIP) Health Insurance


Members who receive a retirement or disability benefit are eligible for TRIP insurance coverage. Members who receive a retirement benefit must have at least 8 years of service credit. Active and inactive members are not eligible. Benefit recipients who enroll in the Teachers’ Retirement Insurance Program (TRIP) receive health, prescription and behavioral health coverage. Dependent beneficiaries can be enrolled in the program at an additional cost and will have the same health plan as the benefit recipient. The monthly premium is based on the type of coverage selected and the permanent residence on file with TRS. Further information about MyBenefits Service Center is available at

Benefit Choice

2023 Benefit Choice Period

The 2023 Benefit Choice Period for insurance changes during the fiscal year that begins on July 1, 2023 is May 1 through May 31, 2023. The period allows benefit recipients to change health plans and/or add eligible dependent coverage.

Watch the 3 minute Benefit Choice Open Enrollment video.

TRIP Out-of-State Accessibility

Visit this page for state and county accessibility information.

State of Illinois Employment?

TRS members with at least five years of service with a qualified state of Illinois agency may be eligible for benefit options under the State of Illinois Group Insurance Plan. At retirement, we will send information to members who qualify for the plan.

Teachers' Retirement Insurance Program Rates as of July 1, 2023

Type of Plan Not Medicare Primary

Under Age 26
Not Medicare Primary

Age 26-64
Not Medicare Primary

Age 65 & Above
Medicare Primary*

All Ages
Benefit Recipient Managed Care Plan (OAP & HMO) $106.45 $330.67 $450.52 $130.68
  Teachers' Choice Health Plan (TCHP) $276.27 $771.71 $1,172.71 $309.86
  TCHP when a managed care plan is unavailable in your county $138.13 $385.85 $586.37 $154.94
Dependent Beneficiary Managed Care Plan (OAP & HMO) $425.96 $1,322.65 $1,802.05 $450.24**
  Teachers Choice Health Plan (TCHP) $552.55 $1,543.41 $2,345.44 $619.72
  TCHP when a managed care plan is unavailable in your county $552.55 $1,543.41 $2,345.44 $464.80**

* You must enroll in both Medicare Parts A and B to qualify for the lower premiums. Send a copy of your Medicare card to TRS. If you or your dependent is actively working and eligible for Medicare, or you have additional questions about this requirement, contact the CMS Group Insurance Division, Medicare Coordination of Benefits (COB) Unit at (800) 442-1300 or (217) 782-7007.

** Medicare Primary dependent beneficiaries enrolled in a managed care plan, or in TCHP when no managed care plan is available, receive a premium subsidy

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