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The Teachers’ Retirement Insurance Program (TRIP) offers two types of insurance plans: medical indemnity and managed care. The Teachers’ Choice Health Plan (TCHP) is a medical indemnity plan. The TCHP is accessible in every state and in every state county. This means the TCHP is a plan option regardless of where you live. TRIP also has two types of managed care plans: health maintenance organizations (HMOs) and open access plans (OAPs). Managed care plans are located throughout the State of Illinois and in some counties in other states. Your place of residence determines which managed care plans are accessible to you. Benefit recipients enrolled in TCHP when a managed care plan is accessible in their county of residence will pay a higher premium per month. Benefit recipients enrolled in TCHP when a managed care plan is not accessible in their county of residence will pay the same premium they would pay if a managed care plan were not available in their county of residence.

TRIP Out-Of-State Accessibility File Instructions

To use the TRIP Out-Of-State Accessibility file below, select the blue link called "Download." After the file opens, select the blue link for your residential state. The states are alphabetized from A to Z. Once you select your state, the next sheet that appears will list the insurance options available in your state by county. The counties are listed alphabetically. Locate your county for the insurance plans available to you. If there is a "Yes" listed under the plan option, that means that plan option is accessible in your county. If the plan option field is blank, the option is not available in your county. To elect a specific plan option, visit or call 844-251-1777.


If the TRIP Out-Of-State Accessibility File cannot be opened, please contact the MyBenefits Service Center directly for accessible plan options in your residential location. MyBenefits can be contacted via phone at 844-251-1777 or by visiting

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