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Retired members are eligible for the Total Retiree Advantage Illinois (TRAIL) Program if they are enrolled in Medicare Parts A & B. Benefit recipients and all dependent beneficiaries who are eligible for Medicare Parts A & B must enroll in the TRAIL Medicare Advantage Program. This program provides Medicare-eligible members and their covered dependents comprehensive medical and prescription drug coverage through a TRAIL Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug (commonly referred to as "MAPD") plan.

2024 TRAIL Plan Year Information 

Please visit the Total Retiree Advantage Illinois (TRAIL) Program page for the latest TRAIL news at:


Effective Jan. 1, 2024


PPO Plan Aetna

Member Rate


Dependent Rate


Important Address Requirements For TRAIL Members Or Newly-Eligible TRAIL Members 

Your address on record with TRS must match the address on record with the Social Security Administration (SSA).

To change your address with TRS:

  1.     Update your address online through TRS Member Account Access.
  2.      Download it at or call TRS at (877) 927-5877 for a Change of Address Form.

You must update your address with both TRS and the SSA. SSA will provide your updated address to federal Medicare as well as the TRAIL MAPD plan administrator.   

To change your address with SSA: 

  1.     Update your address online through the SSA website at
  2.     Contact the SSA and update your address by calling 800-772-1213.

TRAIL Open Enrollment Period

The TRAIL Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period for the 2024 plan year was Oct. 15 - Nov 15.  

Most TRIP members who are eligible for Medicare Parts A and B must enroll in the TRAIL Medicare Advantage plan in order to keep TRIP insurance coverage after December 31.

Each fall, CMS sends out information about the TRAIL Program. All official TRAIL documents and forms carry the state’s TRAIL logo (shown below).

TRAIL logo

What if I’m already enrolled in a TRAIL insurance plan?

If you want to make a change to your TRAIL insurance coverage or add a dependent, the fall Open Enrollment Period is the time when you can make that change.  

What if I turned 65 during 2023 and I’m NOT eligible for Medicare?

You must provide proof of Medicare ineligibility from the SSA. You may enroll in TRIP coverage, but your premium will be based on the Age 65 Not Medicare Primary rate. You are not eligible to enroll in a TRAIL plan.

Is a TRAIL Medicare Advantage plan still Medicare?

Yes. This type of Medicare Advantage plan, also known as an MAPD plan, is a Medicare-approved plan that combines the different parts of Medicare - Part A, Part B and Part D – into one plan. Since Medicare Advantage plans are a type of Medicare, you must continue to pay your federal Medicare premiums in order to remain enrolled in TRAIL.

I’m a TRS member, but my insurance is through the State of Illinois Group Insurance Program, not TRIP. Are there differences between the two programs?

Yes. If you are enrolled in the State of Illinois Group Insurance Program, here is a link to more information about the Medicare Advantage options available under that Program:

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