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Qualified Illinois Domestic Relations Orders (Qildros) are court orders that direct TRS to pay a portion of a member’s benefit or refund to an alternate payee, typically a former spouse. QILDROs are issued under the Illinois Pension Code, 40 ILCS 5/1-119.

The alternate payee’s share of the benefit or refund may be expressed in dollar amounts or in percentages. If the QILDRO uses percentages, a second court order — the Calculation Order — will tell TRS how much to pay the alternate payee. The Calculation Order may be submitted once the amount of the retirement benefit or refund is known. This two-part process may be useful when divorce occurs before the member retires.

The QILDRO allows lump-sum death benefits to be allocated to the alternate payee. Monthly survivor benefits cannot be allocated through a QILDRO.

TRS has policies and procedures in place to protect your Social Security number (SSN). SSNs must be provided in QILDRO and Calculation court orders for tax reporting associated with payment of benefits and refunds. If SSNs are omitted from the face of the court order, SSNs must be provided in an accompanying Notice of Confidential Information Within Court Filing form.


QILDRO FAQs & Publication 

QILDRO FAQs Visit page

QILDRO Qualified Illinois Domestic Relations Orders:
Information for TRS Members in Divorce Proceedings


You may complete the QILDRO forms online using the links below. Once approved by the court, send a certified copy of the court order to TRS's Office of Legal Counsel with the required $50 processing fee. The member’s signed consent form is also required if TRS membership began before July 1, 1999. If you have any questions about QILDROs after reviewing our QILDRO publication, please contact the TRS Office of Legal Counsel. 

Please allow plenty of time to fill and print these forms. All data will be lost once you leave the form or close your browser window. You cannot save the data. If you have a pop-up blocker, you may not receive important messages about this form. We recommend that you temporarily allow pop-ups while you are working on these forms. You may tab or mouse-click through the fields. You must mouse-click to select a check-box. 

The forms below are designed to be completed online and printed. They should not be retyped or altered in any way. 



QILDRO Consent  Download



QILDRO Calculation Order


QILDRO Notice of Confidential Information