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Sick Leave Days

  1. Do districts use the Sick Leave/Personal Days field to report what a member accrues throughout the year?
    No. This field should be used to report a member’s current useable balance of sick leave and personal days (if personal days are useable as sick leave at your employer).

    If a member went into a new reporting period with 10 days, earned two, and used one, then you should report their available balance of 11. When a member terminates employment, you will need to verify the member’s ending balance of sick and personal leave days.
  2. Are corrections required to the Sick Leave/Personal Days field if a day is used but was not reflected on the report?
    Districts will report the current balance of sick and personal leave days each pay period. No adjustment will be required if the balance is incorrect due to not all used days being reflected in the correct pay period.
  3. Will sick leave ever be reported as a negative number?
    No. If a teacher has used all his/her sick leave days and has entered docked status, the sick leave days will be reported as 0 and the number of days docked reported under Docked Days.
  4. Will sick leave be reported each pay period or at the end of the year?
    Sick leave will be reported on each pay period/monthly report. When a member terminates employment, the employer will need to review and certify the accuracy of the number of sick leave days reported on the member’s final report.