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SPRINGFIELD, IL – Teachers’ Retirement System has issued a “request for proposals” seeking an executive search firm to assist the TRS Board of Trustees with the recruitment and hiring of a new executive director for the System.

All proposals responding to the executive search firm RFP must be submitted in writing to TRS by 2 PM C.S.T. on Wednesday, September 23, 2020.

The complete the RFP, including detailed instructions for submitting a proposal, is posted on the System’s website,

About Teachers’ Retirement System

The Teachers’ Retirement System of the State of Illinois is the 40th largest pension system in the United States, and provides retirement, disability and survivor benefits to teachers, administrators and other public school personnel employed outside of Chicago. The System serves 423,504 members and had assets of $53.4 billion as of July 31, 2020.


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