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TRS Supplemental Savings Plan

Illinois law – 40 ILCS 5/16-204 – requires Teachers’ Retirement System to offer an optional defined contribution benefit to eligible active members of the System. To comply with this law, TRS has contracted with Voya Financial to develop and offer the TRS Supplemental Savings Plan (SSP). The SSP is a 457(b) retirement plan.

This page is intended to keep TRS employers up-to-date with the latest information regarding the upcoming implementation of the SSP.

The following documents are important to the implementation of the new TRS Supplemental Savings Plan (SSP):

  • Supplemental Savings Plan Employer Participation Agreement/Authorized Contact Form
  • Sample of the form
  • TRS Supplemental Savings Plan document
  • Sample resolution to adopt the plan

All of these documents are listed below. 

Supplemental Savings Plan Employer Participation Agreement/Authorized Contact Form Details

The participation agreement is required by Section 457(b) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code and must be formally adopted, signed and returned to the System in order for an employer’s TRS-covered members to be eligible to participate in the SSP. You or your staff can upload the completed SSP Employer Participation Agreement using the secure Document Upload area within the online Employer Access Account. This agreement must be completed and returned by every employer in order to meet the requirements of ILCS 5/16-204.

The Authorized Contact form is an internal TRS form that memorializes the contact information between a school district/employer and the System for matters related to the SSP. The form indicates that employers will send all SSP communications to the TRS executive director and chief benefits officer. In return, the form allows an employer to designate a key contact person for all SSP communications with TRS. The form also allows employers to name all persons who are authorized to represent the employer in matters related to the SSP. This form must be returned to TRS.

If you have any questions regarding the completion of the form, contact Employer Services at or (888) 678-3675.

Ineligible employers

Legal counsel assisting TRS in the creation of the SSP has advised the System that the TRS-covered employees of tax-exempt non-government employers, such as labor unions and professional associations, are not eligible to participate in the SSP.

These employers are the Illinois Education Association, Illinois Federation of Teachers and the Illinois Association of School Boards. While these employers have an educational purpose, they are not government employers and their employees are not eligible to participate in the SSP.

If you have any questions, please contact TRS at

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