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During the past fiscal year, TRS embarked on an important journey to shape Strategic Plan Coverour long-term future. We engaged our valued members – active members, retirees, beneficiaries – seeking insights for what they expect from TRS. That input was instrumental in guiding our strategic planning process and we are grateful for their participation.   

Internally, we sought input from TRS’s dedicated staff and Board of Trustees on how to best align the organization to meet our members’ expectations. Based on those discussions, TRS adopted revised mission and vision statements, along with new core values designed to define the qualities staff seeks to embody within their workplace.  

Importantly, TRS staff set a goal of creating a “One TRS” culture that engages, inspires and motivates. It recognizes the strength of the TRS organization is our dedicated staff working together, across departments, to serve our members. And it represents a staff that supports one another and lives its core values.   

Our new Strategic Plan is designed to strengthen our foundation for the future while upholding our unwavering commitment to acting in the best interests of our members. We are eager and optimistic about what the future has in store.   


Delivering expert pension service to Illinois public educators as they earn their promised retirement security.


Working together as the trusted retirement resource for generations of our members.

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