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We are meeting your needs on the web 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Your information source

Publications, videos and more are at your fingertips. 

Read or print out brochures, newsletters and booklets for your reference under the publications section of the Member Services area. We have videos on retirement, disability, and death and survivor benefits so you can view the information you need at your convenience. You’ll also find driving directions, TRS contact information and forms. A site search engine will also help you locate what you need quickly.

TRS also has areas with current information about investments, the TRS Board of Trustees, an online press room, pension issues, vendor information, TRS careers, general information, and employer services.

Secure Member Account Access

Set up your account and you will have access to create a personalized benefit estimate; upload documents; view your TRS Benefits Reports; keep your address, phone and email information current and complete your personal retirement interview at retirement. 

Additional personalized sign-in screens are a security feature to make it difficult for anyone other than members to log on to the member area. Immediate access to your user ID and password is available with the proper information. For your protection, an email is automatically sent to you if any changes are made to your online account.

If you forget your user ID or password, you will need to know your Member ID to gain access to your account. This number has been previously mailed or emailed to you. Please call us if you cannot locate it.

Personalized benefit estimate

The calculator will take information from your TRS record and use it to help you estimate your retirement income. Please have your retirement date, current salary, projected salary, and eligible sick leave days ready so you can complete the estimate.

Web estimates are in exactly the same format as estimates received from TRS Counseling Services. If you have questions about your web estimate, we can view your estimate to help you.

Uploading Documents to TRS

Birth certificates and all other TRS forms can be completed and then uploaded directly to the Springfield office. It’s easy do; no stamps or mailing time. Uploading is more secure than emailing or sending a document by U.S. mail. This process decreases the paper mail that TRS receives daily and must scan by hand into the computer system. 

How to Upload

  •     Login to your member account. 
  •     Locate “Member Services” from the choices on the left navigation bar.
  •     Under “Member Services,” select “Document Upload.”
  •     Select the specific form name or “Other” and complete your upload. 

TRS Benefits Report

The TRS Benefit Report is available only through your online TRS member account. We annually prepare a TRS Benefits Report for each active member. This report will be available in late November and you will be notified via email when it is ready for viewing. The statement covers the previous fiscal year, July 1 through June 30. 

The statement provides in­formation about service credit, contributions, and beneficiaries. It also lists your earnings history and outlines pending and most types of terminated service credit.

When you receive your statement, review it carefully and con­tact us immediately if you suspect that any information has been omitted or incorrectly stated. Additionally, you may want to update your beneficiary designation by filing a new Member Information and Beneficiary Designation form.

Correcting errors

Active members should report their name change or change of address to their employer. 

If you have a change to your birth date or beneficiaries, please call us at 877-927-5877 (877-9-ASK-TRS).

Your employer provides TRS with the service credit and earnings information that appears on your statement. Please discuss any errors with your employer before contacting us.

Employers must send us corrections for reporting errors that occurred in the last four years. If additional contributions are due, your employer must pay the amount due; however, your employer may require reimbursement from you. Similarly, if contributions have been overpaid, we will issue a refund to your employer who is responsible for providing refunded amounts to you. 

Address and phone updates

The contact information we have on file for you will be shown on the first screen when you log on and are accepted into Member Account Access. You may update your address and phone numbers with us online. You no longer need to pick up the phone or have to fill out a form to let us know if your contact information changes.

Email Notification

Provide us with your email address to electronically receive the Topics & Report newsletter (a printed copy is not mailed). Emails are also sent to keep you informed of the progress of a retirement benefit claim or for the purchase of optional service. We also occasionally send email notifications to members for new web features, legislative changes or TRS press releases.

We need your email address and some personal details to match your email address to your TRS record. Send an email to with “Add email to record” in the subject line. Next, type your full name, zip code, the last four digits of your Social Security number and your email address. We will match your email address to your record upon receipt. You may also submit your email address in the secure Member Account Access area or by calling us. 

Your email address will always remain confidential. Additionally, we will never send confidential information online. You can discontinue receiving the emails at any time. 

Personalized Retirement Interview

Your online Personalized Retirement Interview (PRI) will help you make choices while providing us with the information we need to personalize your retirement application forms and ready them for your signature. Please use this online service only when you are within six months of retirement and know when your last day of work will be or your last paid day. Plan on the process taking 30 minutes.