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Chapter Seventeen: Important Reminders

It is important that you contact us when your mailing address changes and that you periodically review your beneficiary designation.

Mailing address

You should keep a current home address on file with us so that we can mail correspondence and other information to the correct location. If your address changes, please call us at 877-927-5877 (877-9-ASK-TRS) or change it online in the secure Member Account Access area of our website.

Member Information and Beneficiary Designation

The Member Information and Beneficiary Designation (MIBD) form allows you to designate beneficiaries to whom death benefits will be distributed. You initially completed this form when you became a TRS member. For information about the types of beneficiaries you may designate and the benefits they may receive, see Chapter 14: “Death Benefits.”

Periodically review your beneficiary designation and be sure to change it whenever necessary. Some events that may require a beneficiary update include: marriage, divorce, births, deaths, or dependents reaching adulthood.

To update your beneficiary designation, you must complete a new MIBD form. These forms are available from your employer and our website.

You can verify your beneficiary designation by calling us at 877-927-5877 (877-9-ASK-TRS). If you are an active member, your TRS Benefits Report contains your designated beneficiaries. Due to confidentiality rules, we can provide this information only to members.

Taxability of TRS Benefits

TRS disbursements are not subject to Illinois individual income taxes. However, they are subject to federal taxes (with the exception of occupational disability benefits).