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Videos created for Teachers' Retirement System of the State of Illinois members to explain membership benefits.

To begin, click on any of the videos below to view the corresponding video.

Summer Payroll Video for Employers
How the TRS Supplemental Savings Plan works with the TRS Pension Plan to enhance teachers' retirements.
Informational webinar to help you learn more about the new Supplemental Savings Plan from Teachers' Retirement System and Voya Financial.
Benefit Choice is the time to make changes in TRIP coverage and to enroll yourself and eligible dependents.
Guidance for members retiring in 2022.
TRS retirement, disability, death and insurance benefits explained.
A video providing a general overview of the TRS mission.
A video that aids TRS in recruiting professionals for our staff.
A brief explanation of how TRS works for you.
Death and Survivor Benefits Explained
TRS Disability Benefits
Reciprocal Retirements
Single-Sum Retirement and Refund of Contributions
Completing Your TRS Retirement Forms
Standard vs. Reversionary Annuity