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Retired members in the Teachers' Retirement System of the State of Illinois collect a lifetime monthly retirement benefit. Members cannot outlive their benefits. 

Post-Retirement Employment Limitations

You may work in a TRS-covered position for 120 days or 600 hours each school year and not lose benefits. However, your benefit will be suspended if the limit is exceeded. The 120 days/600 hours limit is in effect through June 30, 2020.  For a detailed example on how to calculate your days and hours worked, select this link. 

Monthly Benefits

TRS pays on the first of the month for the prior month. For instance, your December retirement benefit will be received on Jan. 1. Due to this, the December check is considered taxable in the tax (or calendar) year commencing Jan. 1. When the first of the month occurs on a weekend or holiday, your financial institution may not post your deposit to your account until the next business day. 

Annual Increases in Annuity

Nearly all annuitants receive a 3 percent annual increase in their annuities. You will receive the increase on the later of:

  • Jan. 1 following your first anniversary in retirement or

  • Jan. 1 following the date you reach age 61.

The increase is effective in January of each year and is reflected in the payment you receive in February. This increases your monthly benefit and is not a retroactive lump-sum payment. When we calculate the first increase percentage, we determine the number of years that have elapsed since your TRS retirement annuity began and the effective date of your initial increase, and then multiply that amount by 3 percent. This increased benefit continues until the next annual increase of 3 percent is applied.