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Employers provide a vital link between members and TRS. They forward member and employer contributions, report member earnings, member service credit information, and disseminate information about TRS to more than 159,000 active members. Information provided by employers determines the members' current service credit, creditable earnings, and retirement contributions.

Employer Spotlight

Annual Reporting Scheduled to Change to Pay-Period Reporting on July 1, 2020

Public Act 100-0769 was passed August 10, 2018 to implement a voluntary defined contribution (DC) plan for our members. To accommodate this change, TRS is migrating from its current annual reporting process to pay-period based reporting. The anticipated reporting process change is scheduled to take effect on July 1, 2020. Over the next 16 months, TRS will be working diligently to facilitate the change and make the transition for our employers as smooth as possible. 

TRS will be:

  • developing a new software which will allow employers to report on a pay-period basis;
  • communicating updates on the progress of the project, which is called Gemini;
  • providing training on the new reporting method on an on-going basis; and 
  • testing employer data files in the new file format prior to the anticipated implementation in July 2020.

As the first step to this transition, we have defined a new format in which employer earnings and service information will be reported in the future. For more details, please read Employer Bulletin 19-14.

More monthly payroll information was just added to the site for employers.

 A New File Layout for Monthly Payroll Reporting video was recorded on May 2 as a 3-hour webinar.

Outline used in the webinar listed above. 

FAQs with answers about monthly payroll reporting.

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